Jade Stud Earrings


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The Jade Stud Earrings are crafted in Sterling Silver.

These are shown here in the following sizes:
Oval, 10×8 mm
Round, 8 mm
Round, 6 mm
A smaller sized oval, 8×6 mm is also available to order.

The Jade Stud Earrings come gift-boxed and and are backed by our quality guarantee.

Jade, a beautiful green gemstone, is believed to possess calming and soothing properties that promote health, wealth, and longevity. The ancient Chinese used it for various purposes, including enhancing courage, wisdom, justice, and stamina. They also considered it a symbol of love, fidelity, generosity, peace, and harmony. Jade has two main varieties; Nephrite is the darker version, while Jadeite is the lighter and more translucent one. Jadeite is also the rarer of the two varieties, making it a valuable and sought-after gemstone.

Please note that the gemstone images are for guidance only, as the shades will vary due to the natural nature of the stones. 

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