Black Lip Mother of Pearl

Nacre, is commonly known as the Mother of Pearl, is a magnificent iridescent substance that constitutes the inner layer of the shell of molluscs, particularly abalones and oysters. It is available in an array of stunning shades, including white, off-white, pale pink, and different tones of browns and greys that make up the Black Lip variety.

This exquisite substance brings the serene, calming healing energy of the sea. It has a remarkable ability to soothe and relax emotions, making it an ideal tool for emotional healing. Mother of Pearl also aids sensitivity, stimulates intuition and imagination, and encourages creativity.

Furthermore, this amazing substance has a protective nature and aids us in establishing a connection with  Mother’s love. It fosters a profound sense of security, stability, and nurturing, allowing us to feel grounded and centred. In summary, Nacre, the Mother of Pearl, is a semi-precious gem that provides a range of benefits to those who seek its calming and healing properties.